Arlington Team

The VetweRx Team

The founders of VetweRx have deep ties to the veterinary industry and a sincere love for animals. State-of-the-art equipment and a built to suit building are important aspects of our hospitals, but we are most proud of our people. We have assembled an experienced team at both the hospital and management level.

Janelle Canty


Dr. Canty graduated from St. Matthew’s University in Grand Cayman, and completed her clinical year rotations at The University of Illinois. She had the opportunity of spending time in the Champaign-Urbana area as well as Chicago during this time. Her interests include: Dermatology, Behavior, Alternative Medicine, and Soft Tissue surgery. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, yoga, curling up with a good book, shopping, and international gastronomy.

Jade Martin


Jade Martin is one of the many staff members here at VetWeRx who you can count on. Guilty of spoiling our patients, Jade's care for the pets is truly genuine and necessary to ensure the safety and comfort for the VetWeRx environment. As a child with passion to raise and care for animals, Hobbies included watching discovery channel, animal planet and reading National Geographic for days on end. After High School, She pursued other ways to experience the gift of being a caregiver for both wild and domestic life by volunteering as a Junior Naturalist for Clearwater Nature Center, Being a pack leader at a special dog daycare and soon after becoming a member of the VetWeRx Family. In Her free time, Jade enjoys Scary movies, many genres of music, and games with friends.

Stephen Taylor


Stephen has loved animals since the age of 5. Learning everything he could from books, animal planet, Documentaries, and the internet. He volunteered at Clear Water Nature Center where he Clean cages, handle animals and learned more about reptiles, exotic birds, and aquatic animals. Stephen attended Oxon Hill High School then moved on to graduate from Friendly High school To pursue a further career in the vet field.

Al Wells


Al literally helped build Vetwerx! Since the doors opened in July of 2014, he has enjoyed every minute and has been a veterinary technician since 1996. He has also worked in shelters and with rescue organizations. In his spare time, he attends church, enjoys music, and spends lots of time with family. His past and present pet family includes sugar gliders, ferrets, fish, lizards, snakes, spiders, cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Al's two loves in life are people and animals.

Hellen Ortega


Hellen J. Ortega is one of our Vet Tech Assistants here at Vetwerx Animal Hospital. Hellen started working here back in December 2015, while completing an Externship for her Vet Tech Assistant Certification. Hellen has been with us since then and completely enjoys working with all the dogs and cats that walk through the doors of Vetwerx's animal hospital. Hellen is currently attending school to study Natural Science, but Hellen's main goal in life is to become a Wildlife Biologist. Hellen's favorite hobby to do is sit down on the couch and pet her sweet little Beagle, Leo.


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